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Will Senator Feinstein’s gun ban bill make America safer?

Yesterday Senator Diane Feinstein (D-CA) opened a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on Senate Bill 150, or “how I learned to stop living rationally and hate the semi-automatic firearm,” also known as “assault weapons ban of 2013.” Seven months have passed … Continue reading

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Society’s demands for parents

In order for new people to exist older people need to have children. There is no way around this. Personally, I believe this is one of the fundamental purposes for why people exist on the earth, to have children. Not … Continue reading

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What if? Volume III

What if there was no more celebrity status? Okay, by definition we can’t really remove celebrity status because it is impossible to stop anyone from becoming well known, and besides, being well known isn’t bad. How about this, what if … Continue reading

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Repost! No animals were harmed in the typing of this blog

I was reading the eBook collection of blog posts from my former (recently un-retired) blog, Ajax’s Whimsical Revolution, yesterday, and I really enjoyed this one, so I’m posting it here. It was originally posted in September 2010 (link to the original). —————————————————————————————– … Continue reading

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Government transparency and national security

Where is the line drawn between government information being made public and the need for secrecy in the interest of national security? On one hand there is information that might pose a threat to U.S. citizens if it were obtained … Continue reading

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The emotional side of decision making

I’ve been thinking a lot about emotion and reason. On one hand it seems that an emotional response to a situation prevents a rational response. Often emotion is very powerful and enacts an immediate response, which would seem on the … Continue reading

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Tried and true

Today is Valentines Day. A local radio station ran a sweepstakes for a wedding package. The prize was to have a wedding and reception completely paid for. The catch? Have your ceremony broadcast over the radio. Maybe that isn’t a … Continue reading

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Live, from the Capitol, it’s Saturday night!

Tonight we experienced the State of the Union address. It is a provision of the Constitution that the president will occasionally address the state of the union before the people of the country. Tonight we learned that the state of … Continue reading

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My thoughts on social conformity: do you agree?

Some people like to follow trends. Scratch that. I think most people follow some trends whether they consciously realize it or not. No, not that either. People do what other people do, or in other words, people in a society … Continue reading

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The effect of violent media on children

I’m pretty sure I’ve heard “experts” give evidence for and against the role violent media plays in influencing violent or aggressive behavior in children. It probably comes down to semantics; how do you define violent media, how do you define … Continue reading

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