Repost! No animals were harmed in the typing of this blog

I was reading the eBook collection of blog posts from my former (recently un-retired) blog, Ajax’s Whimsical Revolution, yesterday, and I really enjoyed this one, so I’m posting it here. It was originally posted in September 2010 (link to the original).


Have you ever seen at the end of a movie that some animals were harmed during the filming of a movie? I was just wondering. They always have that note declaring safety to all animals in order to appease the animal society people, but I wonder if they can make that claim honestly. There are a lot of movies with animals in them. I know people sometimes get hurt during the filming of a movie (I wonder why there is never any notes about that at the end of a movie, is human safety not worth as much as animal safety? Probably has something to do with informed consent, I’ll allow that).

Animals must get hurt in the filming of these movies and then they still make that claim. Who is checking up on these people? Is it possible that during the filming of Free Willy there was a catastrophic accident and the whale died and then they found a new whale and passed it off as the same one? I wouldn’t know. A lot of animals look the same (within their species I mean). I wouldn’t know if they started with one dog and then finished with another one. No one would know. It’s almost like the movie people are trying to exercise Jedi mind influence on us. The sad thing is that it is working. Or maybe people just don’t care. It makes you think a bit. But that’s all. I will guarantee that I have never knowingly hurt any animals while typing my blog. More importantly, I have never hurt any people with the typing of my blog. Unless I have offended someone’s feelings or ideals, and that is possible. But then that part of the injury isn’t covered by the animal claim, so it shouldn’t be covered in my people claim.

The typing I am doing is the counterpart to the filming of the movie. The movie people stop after the filming is done. Their liability is over. If an animal is harmed in the watching of their movie they aren’t responsible; they don’t claim responsibility anyway. Perhaps that is when the responsibility is even more important, or is it? Then we are approaching the violence of video games influencing the behavior of children. Where does my responsibility end with this blog? If I say something inflammatory and then someone punches someone, am I liable? This is probably why the movie people leave the disclaimer at animals; it gets too complicated when you add in people with their agentic (think free will) living style. That’s not to excuse people who create materials for the purpose of causing uproar. They have their freedom to do so, but they have to accept the consequences. Anyway, I was just wondering if you ever saw a note that said animals were harmed during the filming of a movie, advertently (my own word) or inadvertently. As you were.

About paulbrodie

I am a writer and a musician. My education is in psychology with emphasis in industrial/organizational psychology. My work experience has been primarily with electronic document management. Academically and intellectually I am interested in criminology and sociology. I am married to my favorite person in the world and we have one daughter.
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