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Cain’s question and Orwell’s 1984

There are a lot of people on this planet and we all need to get along better than we do. That’s what I think. There are two ways of doing this, we can treat each other like brothers and sisters … Continue reading

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Looking for a good blog topic to write about?

Hello. I am curious about a topic that I would like to invite you and everyone you know to write about. It is something that I think about often and have a pretty strong self-concept for. This topic is central … Continue reading

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Consider the 9th Amendment for gun rights

A good friend of mine is currently pursuing a law degree through the Vermont Law School. He and I were discussing gun control/gun rights a few days ago in the context of my simple allegorical novelette, The Building Blocks (never miss … Continue reading

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Secondhand Autism

Next month (April) is autism awareness month. I’m aware of autism every month of every year. My youngest brother, Scott, is autistic. His form of autism is what is now referred to as classic autism. Over the years the diagnostic … Continue reading

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Is overpopulation a threat to the Earth?

Many people will read the title of this post and immediately shout YES! Others will read it and immediately shout NO! It is an interesting question that inspires powerful and quick responses, usually. I haven’t conducted any survey’s with experimental … Continue reading

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Monday Morning Make Me Laugh 2

Here are my comics since last Monday, enjoy: (link to gallery)

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Is autism over-diagnosed?

The variety of symptoms lumped together in the Autism Spectrum Disorder diagnosis is indicative of the over diagnosing of autism. Using the spectrum to define autism increases the amount of children being diagnosed as autistic and draws much needed attention … Continue reading

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What is autism?

Autism is marked by deficiencies in communication, social interaction, sensory perception, adherence to routine and perseveration. Clinically, it is a developmental disorder. With a change in diagnostic criteria during the 1990’s, there has been a vast increase in diagnosis of … Continue reading

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Originally posted on International Liberty:
In a presumably futile effort to change their minds by learning how they think, I periodically try to figure out the left-wing mind. Why, for instance, do some people believe in Keynesian economics, when it…

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The Right to Life

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul has been making the headlines recently for his Mr. Smith-style filibuster in the Senate. The topic was combat drone use against American citizens. Clearly he felt strongly about receiving more information regarding whether or not the … Continue reading

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