Seeking God Part II

Continuing from my last post, here are the next two questions:

September2If there is an all-powerful God, why does God remain so hidden?

I will suggest a summary scenario based on my beliefs. I do believe in a God who is the spirit father of all people and who organized the creation of the Earth and all things on it. This is an all-powerful God. But I also believe that because he is the Heavenly Father of all people he loves us all. I propose that he does not remain hidden, although it does take effort on our parts to seek him. The reason for this is that there is a purpose for our Earth dwelling experience that would be hindered by a perfect knowledge of our relation to God. Think about it, when you were a teenager did you behave differently around your parents than you did with your friends? What if God wants to see how we’ll behave when he isn’t around. Perhaps life is a test, a test that we must accomplish for ourselves? He loves us, so he doesn’t want us to suffer through it without any guidance or comfort, which is where faith comes in, and he helps those who exercise faith in him, but overall we need to be independent from him to gain the full experience of life. That’s some of what I believe, in summary fashion.

How can a God of love observe such devastating behavior on the Earth without stopping it?

Along the lines of the last answer, God has given us freedom to live and to choose. We are free beings, free to think what we want and do what we want. Of necessity, there is opposition in all things. Without opposition there would be nothing for us to choose between  for thoughts and actions. Opposition must exist if we want to experience joy and experience learning. If God prevented anything bad from ever happening we wouldn’t have a free experience. God does not force or coerce, that is the opposite to love and liberty. I believe that in order for people to be able to succeed they must also be able to fail. God prepared an experience that we are all given to go through where we can succeed, if we try. Of course, the definition of success and failure in this case is probably not quite what we typically see it as. I believe that no matter what happens to us, or even what we do, in mortality our eternal welfare and identity depends on who we are becoming.

We are each in the process of becoming someone different than who we currently are. Hopefully we improve upon ourselves day by day. It is up to us. I believe God directs us in this more than we know. I think we can know him if we seek him and ask him who he is, leaving our preconceptions behind and humbling ourselves. I think he will make himself manifest to us through faith, and not if it will hinder our progression in anyway. Finally, I think he allows us to hurt each other so that we can learn that it is better to help each other. Hurting doesn’t come from God. In this life pain and difficult circumstances are standard fare, but hurting each other is something we choose to do on our own. Just because we have to have the opportunity to face trials, challenges and pain doesn’t mean we actually have to. I believe we can accomplish our purposes in life peacefully while working together as a human family. The fact that we don’t do this reflects on our collective use of personal agency; it doesn’t indicate that God doesn’t love us or isn’t involved. We steer our own ships. 

Final thoughts

God is a loving father. He will respond to us when we sincerely ask. He will guide us if we let him. He will not force our minds. This is what I believe through faith on the words that others have spoken or written as they have received it from God. I believe it is true because I have prayed and have asked if it is true, through personal experience I feel I have had it confirmed. But this is my life, not yours. I only offer my experience as a possibility of what is real. Knowing the peace and joy that come from having such beliefs I hope that everyone has a quest for knowledge and understanding that leaves them experiencing the love of God in their lives.

About paulbrodie

I am a writer and a musician. My education is in psychology with emphasis in industrial/organizational psychology. My work experience has been primarily with electronic document management. Academically and intellectually I am interested in criminology and sociology. I am married to my favorite person in the world and we have one daughter.
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