This is what calling in sick looks like for a blogger

I’ve been flat out sick for the last few days. It hit me Monday night and today I am just barely feeling well enough to move around, although I’m still considerably week. I didn’t have anything scheduled ahead of time to post this morning according to my schedule, and now that my wife is in bed sick and my daughter won’t let me sit at the computer for very long, I’m just going to copy and paste something I wrote for my old blog a few years ago. It was originally posted on February 27, 2010, under the title “What if the Titanic actually made it to New York?” It is a theoretical piece, of sorts (the sort is humor). Enjoy it, and hopefully I’ll be back up to regular operation by Saturday.


What If The Titanic Actually Made it to New York?

Part of the New York Herald front page about t...

Part of the New York Herald front page about the Titanic disaster. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yes, that is the question posed by Hollywood director Martin Scorsese and writer Jay Cocks, in their movie Gangs of New York (2002). First of all, I must say, I’ve never seen Gangs of New York, except for about 30 minutes worth on television. I am not qualified to write a review of this movie, but for some reason the idea hit me that I should, so now I am.

As my title suggests, this movie is about what would have happened if the Titanic had actually made it to New York. Before we get to that part of the plot, however, let’s start at the beginning  The movie opens with a young boy seeing his father brutally murdered, I think. I don’t know what that has to do with anything because next thing we see is the Titanic arriving and Leonardo DiCaprio walking up the dock. He is alone though, so I’m guessing Kate Winslet got tired of their little Love Boat tryst and went back to the angry rich man. Money always wins out over 19th century immigrant charm. It is so unfair.

Set of Gangs of New York built at Cinecittà St...

Set of Gangs of New York built at Cinecittà Studios in Rome, Italy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Anyway,  Leo gets a job working for Doc, stocking shelves and sweeping up, but mostly hanging around the alley stacking cases of Coke and fretting in the basement. He frets a lot. Before long, that snake oil salesman from Disney’s Pete’s Dragon (1977), played by Daniel Day Lewis, comes along and tricks Leo into fighting with his gang for control of Times Square (it wasn’t Times Square yet, but you can tell that’s what it will become because they are building the New Year’s Eve ball on top of the saloon). Daniel Day Lewis needs Leo because he has a hard time saying the name of the town he was just run out of, and Leo, being an immigrant, is able to pronounce the European name.

You might think this sounds a little too much like West Side Story (1961), and you are right, its basically the same movie, only instead of 1950’s era ballet and show tunes, these guys actually beat each other to death. So Leo and the snake oil salesman get their group together and go to Times Square where several other groups are assembled, at least one group is from the Broadway set of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, as witnessed by their flamboyantly colored suits. Why they were invited to the tussle I will never understand.

I won’t spoil the end of the movie for you, you’ll just have to watch it, but I wouldn’t recommend it, I hear it gets pretty graphic. All in all it is a story of romance and fun and friendship bonds that last into retirement years spent in rocking chairs on the fire escape.

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