me - CopyI like to write. One of my earliest career goals, perhaps the most realistic, was to be a professional writer. By my definition to be professional at a task you simply need to get paid to do it. In this sense I am a professional writer now, but I’d like to improve upon that to be a writer earning a sustainable income, and with the student loan debt I have from two thus far unused degrees, it will take a lot of writing to make it happen! It’s alright though, as I said, I like to write.

I previously kept a blog with a little less structure and a little more whimsy, you can find it here, but I don’t add to it much anymore. I compiled my favorite posts from that blog and called it an book. It is available in eBook and paperback.

Social commentary is probably the best way to categorize my blog. My main themes are relevant to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. I post on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

I also post on Mondays under the title “Monday Morning Make Me Laugh.” In addition to writing I like to make jokes and create comics. Each week I try to post five single panel comics. These are usually based on like experiences and observations.

Please tour each of my pages. I have pages for comics, other writing endeavors, books I’ve written and my music

Thank you for visiting my pages.

If you are so inclined, contact me at: paul.brodie.writing@gmail.com

Me and my daughter cleaning up the yard

Me and my daughter cleaning up the yard



Copyright info: All content (writing, images, video, audio) on this site is (c) 2013 Paul Brodie, unless otherwise cited. Please share links and use the reblog feature. If you would like to use something where you can’t do that (meaning hyper link or reblog), please just give credit and provide my blog address. Thanks!

19 Responses to About

  1. Jessica says:

    Cool site! I’m eager to check out more. It’s good you like to write. I do, too. And it’s fun to meet people in the blogosphere who have similar interests! Thanks also for stopping by my site. 🙂

    • paulbrodie says:

      Thank you, Jessica. Writing is great. Reading might be better, but it’s a close call. I wish there was more time for both!

    • paulbrodie says:

      Set a goal and then make it happen. I’ve made a goal to read 60 books this year. Juvenile fiction is going to help me accomplish that goal, but they can’t all be heavy non-fiction books on psychology, I’ve gotta read some 8th grade reading level fun stuff. The 1980′s were right, reading IS fundamental.

      • Jessica says:

        Good advice. I’ve now started setting goals for my reading, which I’ve never really done before. You’re right. The 1980’s *were* right. The fact that I can write at all is because I was a bookworm as a kid.

    • paulbrodie says:

      Yeah, I attribute my writing ability and preference for writing to childhood reading. I’ve never set a reading goal either, except for Book-It, but those goals were more pizza related than book related. Anyway, I hope you get to do all the reading you want to do. I’ll do my part and try to write good books that you and the rest of the world will want to read, but more importantly (for me) want to buy.

  2. trendbytes says:

    Thanks for stopping by my blog…I normally don’t talk about my (mega)-church, so its interesting you touched on that particular post…are you familiar with Elevation? Steven Furtick also has two books out (best-sellers, naturally) Sun Stand Still and Greater.
    Keep up the good writing!

    • paulbrodie says:

      I’ve never heard of Elevation prior to your post. I was just blog-hopping and scanned your topics list and checked out the religion tag. Religion is one of my favorite topics, not necessarily reflected as much in my blogging as in my life in general. What I found interesting in that particular post of yours were the statements at the end, I think they address the topic of life focus and dependence on God, which I really like.

      • trendbytes says:

        I like to think of it not as dependence per se, but as one of our awesome songs points out ‘Jesus at the center of it all’, which is how I try to live my life…nothing so cliche as “what would Jesus do?” as I would never compare myself to him, but in the sense that his presence helps me live a fuller life following his teachings (or at least trying to. Hey, I’m not perfect by any means!). thanks for sharing!

      • paulbrodie says:

        Dependence might not actually be the best word. It is more of an independence on God. He has given us independence, and we are free to choose, but if we rely on his guidance then our progression is faster and more complete. So we aren’t dependent upon him in the sense that he imposes his will on us, only in the sense that if we use our will to follow his guidance then our experience is better than it would otherwise be. I like how your song puts it though.

  3. Ned's Blog says:

    Hey, Paul — I just wanted to let yoy know I received your book this morning. I’m hoping to get some free time this weekend to check it out. Really looking forward to reading it. Many thanks 🙂

    • paulbrodie says:

      Sweet! Seriously, the cover is like the walls in Willy Wonka’s factory. The snozberries taste like snozberries!

      I hope you enjoy it.

      Any feedback on any aspect of it (for example, the cover really should be flavored) would be very much appreciated.

  4. Himani Gupta says:

    Hey, I have nominated you for the Liebster award.
    Check it out here,

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