A friend of mine told me about in the fall of 2010. The site sounded great; I could write articles about any topic and earn money for it.

I recommend Helium to all aspiring writers and authors. It is a fun site where you can write a lot, get some feedback occasionally, and earn pennies a day through revenue shares. As a freelance writing opportunity I think it can pay off in the long run, but it has a steep curve.

Here are some of the articles I have written (click the link above for my Helium profile):

Article – Employers are not responsible for your travel safety

Article – Assault rifle ban is not the answer to the question of public safety

Song – Although We act like Robots, We are still Human

Sonnet – Origin of Thought

Debate – Is the Death Penalty Just or Unjust?

Article – Alternatives to Quitting Your Job

Article – How People Become Criminals

Creative writing – How a Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Song – Make or Break (listen to it)

Article – How does the Neuron Function in Human Anatomy?

Article – Love as a Confrontational Force

Article – Better Communication Skills Reduce Stress

Article – How to Make Money in Entropia Universe

Flash fiction – During the Heatwave

What do you think about this?

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