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When innovation catches up to itself

I’m recycling something I posted on my old blog a few years ago…again! I’m still adjusting to going back to a 40-hour workweek. If by adjusting I mean cutting out all time spent writing and cartooning. I’ve always said, always … Continue reading

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Hibernation: Not just for picnic basket stealing bears anymore…Revisited!

Occasionally I look to old blog posts to find inspiration for new blog posts. This usually occurs when my mind is blank of new topics or I’m not doing very well at managing the time to write something new. Somewhere … Continue reading

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Monday Morning Make Me Laugh 12

Early this year I added the comic gallery page to my blog. At first I was just updating the page whenever I came up with a new comic. Then one day I realized that when I updated the comic gallery … Continue reading

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Ajax’s Whimsical Revolution

A few years ago I was living in Idaho attending university. I would often call my BFF (yes, we are adult males and use that abbreviation without embarrassment) Markus who is attending university in Hawaii. Idaho, Hawaii, it’s pretty much … Continue reading

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Repost! No animals were harmed in the typing of this blog

I was reading the eBook collection of blog posts from my former (recently un-retired) blog, Ajax’s Whimsical Revolution, yesterday, and I really enjoyed this one, so I’m posting it here. It was originally posted in September 2010 (link to the original). —————————————————————————————– … Continue reading

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Government transparency and national security

Where is the line drawn between government information being made public and the need for secrecy in the interest of national security? On one hand there is information that might pose a threat to U.S. citizens if it were obtained … Continue reading

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The Return to Facebook

Eight months ago I deleted my personal Facebook account. I was done with it; however, since then I’ve started getting more interested in creating a presence on the web for my writing and jokes and things (or stuff). I think … Continue reading

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New Year’s Day

Today is the first day of 2013. Personally, I don’t get very excited over the New Year holiday, not anymore. Years ago I remember the excitement of staying up late, switching from the Twilight Zone marathon to Dick Clark’s New … Continue reading

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Something a little lighter

So far under this new blog format my posts have been a little heavy. There’s nothing wrong with that, but I also really like to laugh. Here is a cartoon I drew a little while ago. It is pencil on … Continue reading

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In the interest of consolidating my presence in this crazy, mixed-up, world wide web I’ve decided to try out WordPress. I have blogs and music pages and all kinds of ideas of things to create and share, so now I’m … Continue reading

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