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Society’s demands for faith leaders

Religion is a structure wherein answers are sought and found that cannot be answered by empirical study. It is true that religion can answer questions that are also answered through empirical study, but it goes one step further. Religion works … Continue reading

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Society’s demands for teachers

The primary agents of socialization are family, church and school. This indicates that the majority of social learning occurs in these three institutions by parents, faith leaders and teachers. I’ve recently written about society’s demands for parents and society’s demands … Continue reading

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What did I really learn in history class?

At times I feel as though I’m experiencing a great awakening. It isn’t often, but i’ve had my share of moments of clarity and epiphany. Sadly I’ve probably forgotten some of them, which is a good reason for me to … Continue reading

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Guest Blogger: Benjamin Franklin

I don’t remember a lot from elementary school, at least, not consciously as being a memory from elementary school. I’m sure a lot of what I know is what I learned during elementary school, but I don’t have memories of … Continue reading

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