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How autism is a paradigm shift for parents

I recently (March 2013) self-published a book I wrote relating my family’s experience with autism and how it affected every aspect of life. My youngest brother (number 4 of 6 children) is diagnosed with autistic disorder. The book is called Secondhand … Continue reading

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Secondhand Autism

Next month (April) is autism awareness month. I’m aware of autism every month of every year. My youngest brother, Scott, is autistic. His form of autism is what is now referred to as classic autism. Over the years the diagnostic … Continue reading

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Is autism over-diagnosed?

The variety of symptoms lumped together in the Autism Spectrum Disorder diagnosis is indicative of the over diagnosing of autism. Using the spectrum to define autism increases the amount of children being diagnosed as autistic and draws much needed attention … Continue reading

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What is autism?

Autism is marked by deficiencies in communication, social interaction, sensory perception, adherence to routine and perseveration. Clinically, it is a developmental disorder. With a change in diagnostic criteria during the 1990’s, there has been a vast increase in diagnosis of … Continue reading

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