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Considering Organized Religion Part II

In my last post I began a theme considering organized religion. I presented an argument against organized religion. This post offers the argument in behalf of organized religion. My next post will sum it all up with my personal feelings … Continue reading

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The Un-Involved American

There was a time when the people living in the U.S. were involved. This time was primarily before the U.S. even existed. Do you think that is a fair claim? Okay, maybe it wasn’t primarily before 1776, but as the … Continue reading

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In observance of Memorial Day

Selfish pride is at the root of contention, and contention is at the root of war. Two entities contend with each other over land, ideas, treasure, or power, all because of selfish pride. One entity sees the other as having … Continue reading

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The Roman Colosseum of Today

As usually happens, I have found a topic to write about from reading another writer’s work. This is also my third post in a row to link out to another content creator whose work I really enjoy. The article that … Continue reading

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Is autism over-diagnosed?

The variety of symptoms lumped together in the Autism Spectrum Disorder diagnosis is indicative of the over diagnosing of autism. Using the spectrum to define autism increases the amount of children being diagnosed as autistic and draws much needed attention … Continue reading

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Gun Control: Satire

Last night I began thinking that maybe the anti-gun politicians aren’t so wrong after all. Hear me out! See, guns are used to injure and hurt people, so naturally people shouldn’t have access to them. Anything than can hurt someone … Continue reading

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