Shortly after graduating high school I was watching the band Bush play Woodstock ’99. Watching Gavin Rossdale play that show made me want to do the same thing. I decided that night in August of 1999 to learn to play guitar. I bought an electric guitar, an amp, and a distortion pedal and started looking for tablature online. I quickly realized that I wasn’t ready for playing songs by Bush yet, so I settled for Blink 182. In one night I was able to play a full song, however poorly, and that was motivation enough to keep me playing.

heartI formed a band with two friends, who also were teaching themselves to play, and we went on to write and self record over 20 songs and play many shows from 2000 to 2005. We were a punk influenced rock band, according to our own description. The name was Ready or Not, and a page with a few songs still exists at, and all of our two full albums are available for streaming from

Rock in My Shoe – Self-Titled – Ready or Not



After the band, I continued to play guitar and write songs. At college I recorded an album of acoustic tracks and paid to sell it through iTunes for a year. The point of that was simply bragging rights. It was fun to tell people I had an album on iTunes, most people don’t realize that doesn’t mean anything. Lately I haven’t been playing much, nor have I been writing songs, but my solo album, The Pressure to Succeed, is available for streaming at and And though no longer on iTunes, it is available for MP3 purchase at for $6.99

My most recent music can be found on my page. There are two tracks from my album “The Pressure to Succeed” available for free download from my page.

May – The Pressure to Succeed – Paul Brodie 


In 2007 my friend Jason Barrett and I wrote two songs and played lots of others for fun. Here are some casual videos of us performing the two songs we wrote:

For Ever and Ever For You – no album – Paul Brodie and Jason Barrett

Therapy by Pen – no album – Paul Brodie and Jason Barrett


And best of all, my sister has created her own blog to share her music with the world, check out her songs and follow her at Alison Brodie Music

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