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Considering Organized Religion Part III

Here is the third installment for my organized religion theme. If you haven’t seen the first or second post, go read them first. —–   In Conclusion I tried to present the arguments for and against organized religion without my … Continue reading

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The Importance of Personal Responsibility

A few weeks ago I cut one of my fingers while stripping a wire with a utility knife. Who was to blame? The company that manufactured the knife? The company that manufactured the wire I was working with? Perhaps the … Continue reading

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Healthy Living (and I don’t mean sugar free or low fat)

We eat a lot of canned fruit at our house. It’s easy and our baby likes it. I’m usually pretty good at spotting sugar free foods or anything that might have artificial sweeteners in them, I hate that stuff, but … Continue reading

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Moms Demand Action Anti-Gun Ads

Mothers Demand Action (MDA) is a grassroots group trying to make a difference. I only became familiar with their new ad campaign this morning from a news report. The link provided above will take you to the MDA page with three … Continue reading

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Lies and Statistics Meet Gun Control

There is a quote, commonly attributed to Mark Twain, which says “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies and statistics.” After four research methods and statistics classes for my undergrad and grad degrees I think I understand the … Continue reading

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Considering Moral Agency

I believe that next to life, the greatest gift we as humans have is the ability to choose for ourselves. We are agents, which means that when presented with options to choose from we are free to make a decision … Continue reading

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Is overpopulation a threat to the Earth?

Many people will read the title of this post and immediately shout YES! Others will read it and immediately shout NO! It is an interesting question that inspires powerful and quick responses, usually. I haven’t conducted any survey’s with experimental … Continue reading

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The Right to Life

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul has been making the headlines recently for his Mr. Smith-style filibuster in the Senate. The topic was combat drone use against American citizens. Clearly he felt strongly about receiving more information regarding whether or not the … Continue reading

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Society’s demands for teachers

The primary agents of socialization are family, church and school. This indicates that the majority of social learning occurs in these three institutions by parents, faith leaders and teachers. I’ve recently written about society’s demands for parents and society’s demands … Continue reading

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Freedom to choose vs. total control

I enjoy reading books from the “dystopian future” category. I don’t know why, specifically, but I guess a lot of other people enjoy it as well because there sure are a lot of them. I think it relates to the … Continue reading

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