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The Un-Involved American

There was a time when the people living in the U.S. were involved. This time was primarily before the U.S. even existed. Do you think that is a fair claim? Okay, maybe it wasn’t primarily before 1776, but as the … Continue reading

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The Roman Colosseum of Today

As usually happens, I have found a topic to write about from reading another writer’s work. This is also my third post in a row to link out to another content creator whose work I really enjoy. The article that … Continue reading

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I contemplated asking “what is love?” and then clicking the publish button on the right. We likely all have a personal definition of love, a working definition of it. I’m sure there are some very general aspects of the definition … Continue reading

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Is overpopulation a threat to the Earth?

Many people will read the title of this post and immediately shout YES! Others will read it and immediately shout NO! It is an interesting question that inspires powerful and quick responses, usually. I haven’t conducted any survey’s with experimental … Continue reading

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What if? Volume III

What if there was no more celebrity status? Okay, by definition we can’t really remove celebrity status because it is impossible to stop anyone from becoming well known, and besides, being well known isn’t bad. How about this, what if … Continue reading

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And another thing…

As is probably the case for many people lately, I’m continuing to think about the recent shooting in Newtown, CT. I don’t watch television, so I don’t know what kind of coverage it is getting there, but the story continues … Continue reading

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Thinking systems thinking…systems

I am pondering systems thinking. When I look at the meatloaf on the dinner table, rather than seeing individual ingredients, or even just a meatloaf, I see the interaction of each of the ingredients in making the whole. Considering my … Continue reading

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