I’ve been nominated for a blog award! I decided to do what I’ve seen some other bloggers do and create a page for such recognition. I appreciate everyone who reads my blog and contributes through comments. I’ve also greatly enjoyed reading blog posts by those who stop by my blog. I wish there was more time as there is way too much good information to take it all in while meeting other obligations of life. Anyway, this page is my thank you for reading what I write and sharing what you’ve written. Thank you!


Liebster Award May 2013 from Mind Inundated (Thank you very much, Himani!)



Now I answer some questions:

  • If given a chance to suggest a topic for the weekly writing challenge on WP, what would you suggest? Sit in a public area for one hour and keep track of all of the kind acts you see between strangers and all of the rude acts you see. Report in a blog post what observations you have made. Are you surprised by what you have observed?
  • Name a blog that inspires you. Recently I’ve been inspired by Ned Hickson’s blog because I enjoy his humorous writing style and professional approach to writing. I’d like to follow in his foot steps, but not too closely.
  • Who’s your favorite person? My wife is my favorite person.
  • Why is that person your favorite? My wife is my favorite because she embodies many of the personal qualities and characteristics that I would like to have myself. She is very supportive and provides a great example of a hopeful, faithful person. She is also a fantastic mother to our daughter and we share the same goals and perspectives on parenting. 
  • What makes you continue blogging? I love to think about things, draw conclusions, and then tell people about them. I think discussion is a great way to learn. Blogs are open discussions to me. As authors, we all start conversations and then wait for someone to respond. It is great. I keep blogging because the more I write, the more consistent I am, the more conversations I am able to enter into. I keep blogging because I want more conversation.
  • Any embarrassing moment of your life that made you laugh? (Tough one.) Absolutely!
  • Tell us a habit of yours. Not proofreading my writing.
  • Have you ever felt love for yourself? Why? (This could be for a quality in you or for something you did.) Yes, I have felt love for myself. I think I’ve felt it most strongly when contemplating my relationship with God and being aware of His love for me.
  • One crazy/silly dream of yours that you wish to fulfill. Years ago I taught myself to play guitar with the dream of making it big in a rock band. While I no longer play in a band, write music, or really even play guitar at all, I still have that dream of playing a huge show in a band. Maybe it’s still an option someday. 
  • How was your day today? Be honest. I’ve been out of bed for an hour and a half so far. I’ve done some blog stuff and researched some self-publishing topics with Amazon. So far the day is good. 
  • What was the first award of your life? The first aware I remember is “Most Intimidating” which I received for my Pinewood Derby car in Cub Scouts. I was probably 9 or 10 years old. I suppose the badges I had earned in Cub Scouts would actually be considered awards, and those preceded the Pinewood Derby. But I first remembered the “Most Intimidating” so I’ll say that one was the first. It was one of those awards where everyone gets something, just a little ribbon with whatever category they thought up written on it. My car was the slowest. It didn’t even make it across the finish line on the track a few times. All it had was a cool appearance. But it was my first race. The next year my dad helped me and we won first place. The car wasn’t as cool looking, just looked like a red painted door stop, but it left little fire trails behind it because it was so fast. The other cars are still trying to catch up to it. 

What do you think about this?

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