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Consider the 9th Amendment for gun rights

A good friend of mine is currently pursuing a law degree through the Vermont Law School. He and I were discussing gun control/gun rights a few days ago in the context of my simple allegorical novelette, The Building Blocks (never miss … Continue reading

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Gun Control: Satire

Last night I began thinking that maybe the anti-gun politicians aren’t so wrong after all. Hear me out! See, guns are used to injure and hurt people, so naturally people shouldn’t have access to them. Anything than can hurt someone … Continue reading

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Society’s demands for faith leaders

Religion is a structure wherein answers are sought and found that cannot be answered by empirical study. It is true that religion can answer questions that are also answered through empirical study, but it goes one step further. Religion works … Continue reading

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Freedom to choose vs. total control

I enjoy reading books from the “dystopian future” category. I don’t know why, specifically, but I guess a lot of other people enjoy it as well because there sure are a lot of them. I think it relates to the … Continue reading

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Internal or external focus and responsibility

Think back to one of the last tests you ever took in school, how did you do? If you scored highly did you attribute your success to the efforts of the teacher, your efforts as a student, or blind luck? … Continue reading

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Encouraging self-governance: Part II

Does a man govern himself better under heavy external influences of control or by his own will? In general man will fare better when governing himself. This is the natural course, that man governs himself by the laws of nature … Continue reading

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