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Encouraging self-governance: Part II

Does a man govern himself better under heavy external influences of control or by his own will? In general man will fare better when governing himself. This is the natural course, that man governs himself by the laws of nature … Continue reading

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Does religion rob liberty?

Alexis de Tocqueville was impressed with the intermingling of religion and liberty in the United States during his visit in 1831. A French lawyer, de Tocqueville was in the U.S. to study the new American experiment. He returned home to … Continue reading

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Public officials: To pay or not to pay?

My last post quoted Benjamin Franklin regarding people filling the roles of public officials, specifically elected ones, along with the topics of salary and warnings of monarchy. In this post I’d like to address those quotes. I believe our government is … Continue reading

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Guest Blogger: Benjamin Franklin

I don’t remember a lot from elementary school, at least, not consciously as being a memory from elementary school. I’m sure a lot of what I know is what I learned during elementary school, but I don’t have memories of … Continue reading

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