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Considering Organized Religion Part III

Here is the third installment for my organized religion theme. If you haven’t seen the first or second post, go read them first. —–   In Conclusion I tried to present the arguments for and against organized religion without my … Continue reading

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I contemplated asking “what is love?” and then clicking the publish button on the right. We likely all have a personal definition of love, a working definition of it. I’m sure there are some very general aspects of the definition … Continue reading

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Seeking God Part II

Continuing from my last post, here are the next two questions: If there is an all-powerful God, why does God remain so hidden? I will suggest a summary scenario based on my beliefs. I do believe in a God who … Continue reading

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Cain’s question and Orwell’s 1984

There are a lot of people on this planet and we all need to get along better than we do. That’s what I think. There are two ways of doing this, we can treat each other like brothers and sisters … Continue reading

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Is overpopulation a threat to the Earth?

Many people will read the title of this post and immediately shout YES! Others will read it and immediately shout NO! It is an interesting question that inspires powerful and quick responses, usually. I haven’t conducted any survey’s with experimental … Continue reading

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Society’s demands for youth

In order for society to carry on it needs high quality parents raising up new members. This means that the new members need to one day become high quality parents themselves. We know that not everyone is capable or even … Continue reading

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Society’s demands for parents

In order for new people to exist older people need to have children. There is no way around this. Personally, I believe this is one of the fundamental purposes for why people exist on the earth, to have children. Not … Continue reading

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What if? Volume III

What if there was no more celebrity status? Okay, by definition we can’t really remove celebrity status because it is impossible to stop anyone from becoming well known, and besides, being well known isn’t bad. How about this, what if … Continue reading

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Government transparency and national security

Where is the line drawn between government information being made public and the need for secrecy in the interest of national security? On one hand there is information that might pose a threat to U.S. citizens if it were obtained … Continue reading

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Encouraging self-governance: Part II

Does a man govern himself better under heavy external influences of control or by his own will? In general man will fare better when governing himself. This is the natural course, that man governs himself by the laws of nature … Continue reading

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