Society’s demands for parents

In order for new people to exist older people need to have children. There is no way around this. Personally, I believe this is one of the fundamental purposes for why people exist on the earth, to have children. Not just have children, but to have families. Men and women pair off into a committed relationship and then rear children. As parents the man and woman teach their children all they can about life and everything they know. The children experience life and learning and develop into unique individuals and then repeat the process. This is the basic strategy.

The family fares better when there are other families nearby, forming a community. Without other families it makes it difficult for any family to increase in generations. The kids need to have someone to marry when they grow up. So communities form to provide a way for people to continue marrying and having children, along with all of the other benefits of living in a community, such as increased security and collaboration of skills and knowledge. The community, families living in close proximity, leads to culture, shared values and beliefs, and culminates in society, a family of families. I don’t know if this is how a sociology text book defines the connection between community, culture and society – it has been a few years since I’ve had a sociology class – but I think this is a good working connection and definition of each.

Families participate in society in order to contribute to the greater good for all. Society demands adherence to a certain code of ethics and collection of values. One of these demands is that children are born and raised in accordance with the culture of the society – the process known as socialization. If children are not born, then the society eventually ceases to exist. Evolutionary theorists believe that it is instinctive for humans to reproduce and keep their genes alive. The same can be applied to society. Society wants to exist and it needs parents in order to do it. Being a parent isn’t as easy as conceiving and bearing children; although sometimes it seems like that is the popular belief among parents these days.

are you my mother parodyTo be a parent requires putting the welfare of the child before the self. In order to have a successful marriage the same concept is true, each partner must give priority to their spouse’s well being. Selfish spouses lead to failed marriages. Selfish parents can lead to poor socialization in children. Some children seem to be capable of overcoming whatever situation they are born into and excel, but many who grow up in less desirable circumstances don’t overcome the limitations. Society cannot exist unless people become parents, and society cannot have success and peace unless parents put the welfare of their children above their own.

Mothers and fathers each have a unique role. Each role is extremely important. There is equality in purpose, but not in task. Fathers cannot give birth. Beyond that the physical roles are pretty much the same, although gender differences seem to make each sex more suited for certain tasks. It may be the case that this is the result of culture and society, but I believe it is deeper than that. Mothers teach and nurture their children, meaning, help them to develop virtuous behaviors. Fathers lead and provide for children. In some cases necessity makes one parent meet all of these needs. It can be done, although it isn’t the best case. Thankfully family members and friends can help single parents in this regard. I don’t mean to demean single parenthood, not at all, it takes a lot of work. But that doesn’t mean it is the ideal situation. All I’m saying is that the ideal situation is for two parent homes with each parent working in a successful partnership with the other, putting children first, and providing the best environment they can.

Society needs this to happen. Society needs involved parents. Involved parents conduct proper socialization and properly socialized children are less likely to grow up with anti-social tendencies. [The textbook definition of anti-social, that is, not the colloquial definition. Anti-social is a tendency to destroy elements of society and completely disregard societal norms. Asocial would be how most people use anti-social, meaning not inclined to participate in social gatherings.]


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I am a writer and a musician. My education is in psychology with emphasis in industrial/organizational psychology. My work experience has been primarily with electronic document management. Academically and intellectually I am interested in criminology and sociology. I am married to my favorite person in the world and we have one daughter.
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